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Rcx 5 questions

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Hey everyone. I haven't been a member long, but I have been reading for a while. I have tried to do as much research as possible before asking any questions, but there are a few specific things that I can't find. My truck is a 2012 CC 4x4.

1. I already have a 2" RC leveling spacer installed so I was considering just getting the 5" kit and then reusing the leveling spacer. I haven't heard many good things about the 7.5" kit so my thinking was it would keep the angles a little better and still provide clearance for 35's. Would this work?

2. I am also thinking about adding adjustable bilsteins to the RCX kit as well. Any reason this would not work?

3. My main goal is to fit a 20x10 and 35's. I know the FTS kit would be the better way to go for this, but I am just trying to check my other options. I was told to fit this I would need the FTS + bilsteins so there is a pretty significant price difference between the two. Would I be able to fit this wheel/tire combo with just the basic FTS 7?

Sorry for writing a book. Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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Just the fts should clear 35's and 20x10's....if not atleast a 295 tire which is close to a 35. People clear 35's and 20x12's with fts plus level/adjustable coils
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