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Real Time GPS Tracking

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MTrakGPS - a Global Positioning Satellite Data acquisitioning unit that YOU communicate and locate your assests.
- ISO 9001 Certification
- 24/7 Monitored Theft alert Via your cell phone and email
- Tracking Coverage Nationwide/GPRS Cellular with web access using personal login and password
- On-Line Real Time Continuous Vehicle Tracking
- Geo-Fencing (Automatic notification if vehicle leaves a prescribed area)
- Starter Disable
- Unlock and lock doors
- User Selectable Speed Notification
- Access to location and driving history for past 90 days
- Vehicle commands sent via email or text messages
- Back up battery
- Insurance discounts
- 3 Year warranty

The site is
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Actually we our a Wholesale Distributor warehouse in Houston, TX. We aren't set up to sell to individuals. If you are interested in becoming a distributor send me a PM. Thank you Robert Bond sorry about the miscommunication!
No it was my miscommunication I should have made my post stating we were a distributor. I apologize about that :endofshow
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