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Rear locker

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I'm looking for a rear posi unit or a locker for my 1994 c2500 7.4l automatic. The rear axle doesn't have an ID tag on it like I'm used to seeing, I've searched and searched online and I have no clue what i have, what to get or where to start. A friend suggested Aussie Locker but I'm not sure they make a product that fits. If you can kindly help me out it would be much appreciated!
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Not meaning to threadjack but I was looking into doing something similar. The rear end in my 07 feels sloppy and was looking at doing a 3.73 and Locker or something better since its hard to get the LSD to engage half the time. 07 NNBS 5.3,4l60, 3.42gear.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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