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rear pumpkin skid plate

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Does anyone know if there is a bolt on skid plate for the rear pumpkin?

I have a 97 chevy silverado 14 bolt. I must of hit a rock doing some muddin and leaked all my fluids out. I barely clipped the bottom of the pumpkin and broke the seal.

I know a lot of people probably fab up there own but i don't have any access to that kind of equipment or know how to weld.

Anyone suggestions or links appreciated.
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Just trim the cover so it doesn't hang down below the bottom of the diff, it won't catch on anything anymore...
Trim or just get a quality diff cover.
14bsf or FF? if its an FF, look at the non-razorback covers that kert at has. beefy and good price.

or, like others said, trim the lip of the cover some.
what cover would you guys recommend? I just don't want this to happen again and get stranded. Luckily i was close to home and i noticed a puddle of oil before i went driving.

Its a 14 bolt SF
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