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17 ccsb 4wd z71
I installed belltech spindles and coil drop mounts up front for about 4” and maxtracs flip kit set at 5”

I’d like to maybe get a more appropriate rear shock since i’m putting on 22” rims the ranchos are ok but i think they are close to bottoming out they are around 25” extended and i’m at 17” on the driver side and 18.5 inches on the passenger side i’m unsure the compressed length of them but i imagine i’m very close to it.

i’m unsure which shocks to get the belltech 8510 have a 18” extended length and a 13” compressed length putting me .5 inch over even though they say they fit a 5” drop

the mcghauphys 3205 says it fits a 6-7 inch drop but it’s extended length is 20.5 and compressed is 13” which still only gives me a 2” drop on the axle if it hits a bump and way more uptravel than i would want as i’m only about 4” from the frame.

Is there a shock that has around 22” extended length and 13 or 14” compressed length
that would give me 3-4” up on the driver side and 5” down
and 4.5-5.5 up and 3.5 down on the passenger side

i’d like to put a set of 305/40/22 on a a set of factory 22”

here’s a picture maybe
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