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Rear susp. w/2in drop bottoming out under load Need to firm up Rear!!

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ok heres the story, ive got an 03 sierra with 2in drop shackles in the back. the problem is i still want to use my truck as a truck. sometimes this requires me to put alot of things in the bed. (camping gear and a quad mostly, not to often though) ill also pull a trailer everyonce in a while. the problem is is my rear suspension is bottoming out. i need something to firm up my rear( that sound funny) i want something like air shocks but not air shocks, i think theyve got bags out there but im not sure how good they are. i want something that i can control the air.(no tank and all that fancy stuff)some mount to the side of the frame and top of the axle and thats nice if you are going to run stock tires, but im not planning on running the stocks.i need an under the frame mount. also with a 2 in drop will i have enough room to fit something in there?i really need help with this. i will appreciate any info i can get on this. Thanks
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