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I think I've decided I want to keep the Tahoe at it's current height, as tempting as a lift is. I plan to crank the keys to level it out and fit my 33's without rubbing, I just haven't looked into it too much just yet. Where my real concern lies is in all the worn out front end components that are on their last leg in my 11 year old beast. It seems like every rubber/plastic bushing is worn out and cracking. I have no doubt replacing the shocks would do wonders. So my question is, where can I get all these bushings and completely rebuild my front end? Are there parts available that are an upgrade compared to OE stuff? Best shocks? Better heavy duty tie rods/ball joints? What are my options? All I've replaced recently is the outer tie rods when one of the ball joints popped out with some duralast tie rods from autozone. I want to install some good performing and asthetically pleasing parts that'll last another 11 years. If I'm not lifting the truck, is there no point in upgrading a-arms and stuff like that? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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I've had the big lift on my truck for 4 years now, and my front end is going to get a full rebuild here soon, probably next few months:

Energy Susp. Control Arm Bushings (probably)
Moog Upper and Lower Balljoints (I believe there are two sizes, get the bigger ones, don't quote me on that though I didnt do the ordering 4 years ago)
New Heims for my cognito tie rods
Cognito Idler Arm Pivot Mount (From Cognito)
Cognito Idler and Pitman Arm Braces (From Cognito)
New Wheel Bearing/Hubs (Timken IIRC)
Moog Idler and Pitman Arms
4 Fox 2.0 Res. Shocks

For shocks, I'd look at Bilsteins, 5100 or 5150, I have both an they work just fine. Heims you won't need unless you want to upgrade the tie rods, but the moog and timken parts should be available at most all autoparts stores. The two cognito pieces are available at (duh). We have the idler an pitman braces on my mom's HD, work great, and the idler arm pivot is new but I'm looking forward to adding it.
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