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Ok guys, for her Christmas/Birthday present, I bought my wife, who is pregnant with our third daughter, an old fleet 2005 Tahoe LT with 275,000 miles on it from Cox Pools out of PCB, Fl., yes its owned by Actress Courtney Cox. The Tahoe was only $3000 and it ran and drove awesome especially after investing in a brand new set of Goodyear Wrangler AT/S's. No rips or tears in the seats and the Bose still sounds respectable. No interior odors or nothing, I mean this thing was very well maintained. But after 5000 miles of driving I have noticed a few imperfections.

There is only a slight tap from the engine right as it would shift gears and a bit of smell under the hood that lead me to believe that the water pump was slowly leaking/going out in conjunction with the fact that I had to keep an eye on the reservoir to keep it filled.

The transmission/oil pan had a wetness to it, like the rear main was starting to leak. We have driven it everywhere since we got it because it is just that reliable even after 5000 miles, give or take. The tap is getting annoying even though I'm the only one who hears it.

So I went to LKQ and ordered a 105,000 mile take out for $1200 and a I went and ordered a bunch of new seals and gaskets for the engine and transmission. Basically everything seal forward of the drive shaft with the exception of the Timing Cover:

'06 Silverado Motor with 105,834 miles plus a 6 month UNLIMITED mile warranty
Rear Main Seal
Valve Cover Gaskets
Head gaskets
Intake manifold gaskets
Oil Pan Gaskets
Transmission Filter Kit and Fluid
ACDelco Plugs and wires
New Alternator
New Water Pump
New Thermostat
All new drive belts

So with that being said, do you guys think I overspent? Do you think I am doing it right? Normally I would just sell my high mileage Chevy and go get something else. My last two Chevy's, an '01 silverado and Tahoe, both had around 260,000-280,000 when I sold them because I am so leary of "junk yard" motor swaps.

Anybody had experience with LKQ in the past? Bring on the horror stories. I wont this Tahoe to be perfect for my wife when our new little girl gets here.

Thanks in advance,
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