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Well it aint bent no more!

I sat the truck on a big round rock on the t-case crossmember and bent it up 1.5". You can see in this pic, the bottom should be flat all the way across, well, it's not:

New crossmember made from 2x4 3/8" wall tubing, this will not bend!

All done!

Tomorrow after class I will be plating the entire underside of the truck with 3/8" plate, 90" worth! :rocking:

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now it looks like the NBS ones :anitoof:

serisouly though, its shocking to see how much more bracing are on the NBS frames than the OBS ones. My crossmember may not be 3/8" wall but its ALOT beefier than that stock thing you had.

kinda a crappy pic but you get the idea

As always though, nice work jason.

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Nice work. How did you put that groove in the cross member??
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