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remote programming

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If you buy another remote, heres how to program it without paying that extra 80 bucks at the dealer for them to do it.

Transmitter Programming
Start with the ignition OFF, hold down the power unlock button on the door panel. Turn ignition key ON, OFF, ON, OFF. Release power unlock button on the door panel. The locks will cycle once.
Hold down the keyless entry transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons for 15 seconds. The locks will again cycle once.
Repeat step #2 for each additional keyless entry transmitter.
Turn the ignition on to exit the keyless entry transmitter programming mode. Programming is now complete.
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:shake: :rocking: just had to reprogram mine, sumbitch just quit working last night :think:

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Lol No Cause That Means I Could Stand Next To Your Truck For 15 Sec. And Steal It Lol You Have To Have Some Way Of Using Ignition For Programming That Way Its Secure....
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