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Removing a body lift

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If you had 7" of suspension lift and you wanted to remove your body lift, would you take it to someone or would you take off the suspension first and do it yourself?

What special tools might I need to remove the BL from my 06? I dont think anything is welded and I'm fairly confident I could handle it but I dont want to waste 2 or 3 days messing with it.

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nothing should be welded unless whoever did it welded your bumper brackets.
do you have all the stock hardware?
I dont have any stock hardware. I was going to buy stock bolts from the dealer since I can get them for about $50 for everything.

What else do I need? I feel mass frustration around the corner.
dont remember entirely... but i had a LOT of stock hardware from my 04 when i put the BL on that one. stuff from the body bolts, to little nuts and bolts for miscellanious shit ont he front end, like tranny cooler brackets, ummm just trying to think off the top of my head here...
tools, air would be a great help, a socket sized for the body bolts, jack and some blocks of wood... ummm :hmm:
I've got air tools and all kinds of tools covered plus big floor jacks and blocks of wood.

I could see that this could turn into a serious monkey fuck if you had all those little miscellaneous things left over. I should just leave the shit alone and get different wheels or something.
Find someone local who wants a bodylift, switch parts and use all his hardware. :imo
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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