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Removing bed caps???

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Alright my truck is just sitting in my garage on jack stands until I get a new steering drop link and I want to do something to it. I have been thinking about taking off my plastic bed caps for a while now and the time seems right. :crazy:
I was wondering if anyone has removed these before, I would think that it would be just like taking off side moldings but they seem to be really stuck on there. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to remove these bishes?

Below is a pic of the truck with the caps on, I'm sure you'll all agree that it will look better less the bed caps?

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Ive busted plenty off. If your like me and really use your bed - it might be scraped up under the edges when y ou remove them. Mines VERY scraped and would look like shit without them. I need to get a metal set that i wont bust up so bad. To remove them - just pull - its only 3m tape holding it on.
They have a tendancy to rub just with daily driving. Mine wore into the clear coat in I left them on and put my hard toneau on over them.
your pictures dont work. is your truck a fleetside or sportside with factory caps?
your truck is so new that chances are your paint is fine underneath. just take one side off and look. if the paint is scratched or worn, apply new tape and slap it back on. i think it looks fine, i would leave it.
side caps just double sided tape........lose those hos well unless you need them
can always paint em if the bed sides are scratched
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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