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Man, this truck fights me with every upgrade I want to do. :rofl2:

BTW, I didn't take pictures, I should of but I didn't feel like it.

So I was looking to put a rear door handle on my front door, so I don't have a keyhole.

So I got the door panel off, no problems there.
I go to look for the bolts that hold on the door handles, like pictures below from Steve's how-to. (different trim level but should be the same, you would think?)




NOPE. No bolts in either location. :wtf:
I take off the other grommet above the one Steve showed. Nope no bolt there

So I found this how to from some guy who has an 07 LTZ. I thought great!


His bolt locations aren't the same as mine.

So I did some looking around on my door, so basically I've come to the conclusion that I have to remove my window & lock / seat & mirror controls to remove the entire panel off my door.
Then remove the entire metal backing on the door to see the inners & then should be some kind of bolts to remove the door handle.
it is just not worth the effort to just get rid of a key lock

So I guess this was another change they did in the 09's? :shrug:

Edit: and apparently I can't spell Exterior right, Exterrior? wtf :LOL:

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Re: Removing exterrior door handle issue -09

sucks dude
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