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Replacing side mirror glass - NNBS

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How the hell do I get the glass off the mirror.
I'm struggling like hell to get it off.

From my understanding it just clips down onto the mirror motor, so just pushing up on the glass should release it?
I'm having a hell of a hard time though.

Anybody got any tips?
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If it's anything like the NBS mirrors, you just pull it out towards the rear of the truck and try to sneak something in there to lift up all the little clips (a flathead or something like that) without breaking the clips or the mirror. Not sure if they're the same though. But it's pretty easy on mine.
Its not that easy as you describe. When I took my 2005 mirrors apart to paint, I broke one mirror trying to get it out...those clips are a bitch...not sure on the nnbs
Yeah I still can't get that off.
I found a PDF:
Page 5

But I still can't get the damn mirror off
annoying the fuck out of me.
Something I'm just not doing right
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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