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Replacing windshield wiper switch

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Has anyone done it in a pre 88 truck, or any truck period? I think the one in my blazer is shot and i would like to have windshield wipers soon. How hard is it to remove from the steering column?? my haynes manual says its difficult and should be left to a trained professional...but i don't see how it can be that hard...any tips or anything could be of great use.
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if i "spin" the end of the handle to get them to turn on, it spins freely...i have to use my washer switch to get them goin, and the only way to cut them off is to turn off power to the truck (turn key all the way to off pos), but its an improvement over last night. They got to the point one time where they kept goin no matter what, but i fiddled around with them and they didn't do it this mornin when i put the fuse back in...its just a major annoyance...and since i have to drive for my job, i can't stay off the road when it rains...
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