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REUNEL bumper for sale

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Yes this belongs in the 'For Sale' area but because it is application specific I'm posting it here.

Reunel steel rear bumper will fit 99 and newer 1/2 ton trucks w/ 3" body lift only. Basic bumper sells for $525, $75 for welded hitch receiver, $75 per inch for body lift modification, $225 PIAA 4052 backuplight, $125 for top of bumper Line-X'd=$1175 total.

The bumper is rated @ 20,000 LB TOW RATING / 15,000 LB BOLT ON RECEIVER and SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION so it is 'bulletproof'. This bumper would be a good addition to any truck as 1) the bumper eliminates those unsitely blocks in between the factory bumper and tow hitch 2) Backup lights can be wired to a toggle switch, they work great at night off-road and 3) the bumper weighs 150-175lbs so it smooths out the ride of the truck espically on bumpy roads. The bumper is black but can be painted to match.

I would prefer not to ship as it would be expensive. Anyone interested can email me. Serious inquiries only.

For those of you that haven't seen it the bumper is similar to the one picture below but the hitch receiver is welded in between the two center channels(so it doesn't hang under the bumper) and has backup lights see into the bumper.

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Is 1175 your asking price?

I dont see how it was offrod specific, so I moved it to forsale, everyone should have a chance to see it.
No $1175 is what the bumper sells for if you were to buy it from REUNEL. I don't need to sell it so I'm not going to give it away, if someone offered me a fair deal I would sell it. GM is now offering 0% 60 mo. and $1000 cash back so I'm trying to lower the asking price on my truck.
damn if i had a body lift i would buy it. how much for your canback?
:LOL: So buy it now and save up for the body lift. Can-Back may be sold, guy should be calling me back this afternoon unless you want to offer me more than his $800.
good luck selling! :bowtie:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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