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rim & tire question

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well i have been looking at the bf good wrench all terrains for a while and now i have decided to go ahead and change my stock rims now for the tire i would like it to be 285/65R18 what would be the best rim size for it to look the best?
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you mean how wide or what
yes i mean how wide I would also like to know some good sites with off road rims and all i already know about discounttiredirect and tirerack and superbuy tires now these websites either dont have a rim i like or dont have the tire i like.
i would stick to a x8 or maybe x9 with close to stock backspacing....the most 18" wheels come in is 5.5" backspacing that ive seen
some of the rims i have looked at are 8.5 would that work? And on all the 18 / 8.5 the recommend a 285/60r18 would the 285/65r18 still fit?
yes, you could run a 12.5" wide (305/315) tire on that wide of wheel
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