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Rim Troubles with water

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ever time i wash the truck or when it rains water get traped in this groove and if im driving i cant go over 65 with out my truck shaking very bad (unbalanced big time) or if it rains and sits with this small puddle of dirty water it leaves a stain that takes a while to buff out since its on the inside

anybody else have this problem? is there any thing i can do excpet carry a towel with me and puill over after it quits raining and wipe the water out

dont mind those bright white legs and crusty feet :crazy:
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I have that same problem, except I got Coddingtons.....I would say just carry a towel. I gave up on keepin' the inside of my rims lol I just wash the inside with a sponge there still shiney tho :D

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damn... my rims don't do that... they actually clean out the centers and the water stays in there, its a unbalanced feeling at all. I dont' think i've taken my truck up that fast when it was wet though... maybe i'll try
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