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rims, hood, front end for sale

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alright guys i already posted my truck for sale but doesnt look like no one is going for it. so now im going to just part it out. and trade it in. lookin to get 1000obo+stock wheels for my rims. 600 and and a stock gmc front end for my front end. The bumper as of right now is charcoal grey. and i dont really no a price for the hood but im going to need a stock hood to. im really doin the hood only for black trucks cause i dont want to get one and then have to get it painted. the hood was scuffed up wit 2200 grit paper so it doesnt need to be painted just buffed. feel free to give offers on anything. if you have any questions just pm me.

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PM sent
word are those 22's ???? how's the tread on them tires also ? and u want 100 plus factory tires and rims or was that suppose to be 1000?
yea sorry if thats confusing lol....1000 for my rims and tires, plus some stock tires for me to ride on. i dont know if thats a bad deal or not but i need stocks to trade in. they are 22's tread is goood, offset is plus +18mm.
you want $100?, i have $100 you can have.
interested in hood but only for a price, want to keep my stock hood especially if the description is true and the hood isnt in perfect shape currently.
what do you mean if the description is true? i mean theres nothing rong with the hood its just needs to be buffed out to be black again. theres no paint required. if im sellin the hood by it self with out trading another one...i reckon like 350.
aight cool thats all i was askin for a price, and yeah i just meant not 100% ready to go on, cause i dont have time to buff it out myself so i'd have to pay a buddy to do it. thanks man, im adding this to my favs for my next couple paychecks if you still have it.
Trade you front ends....I have the hood already just need the grill,lights,bumper and bumper cover...PM Me if you interested.....
hood was scuffed up because i used to live in ga, and my damn painter was suppose to paint everything. well we was going to cutt and buff the front end. so i sanded it down wit 2200 grit and then he was gonna buff it. well he never got around to doing it. so the asshole left me with how my truck is now. like i say tho it should just come out with a high speed buffer.
alright guys, heres some pics of the hood. it is raining out side so like u cant even tell that it is scuffed up some. didnt see any dents in the hood or anything. didnt really even see any rock chips. just pm me if u have any questions

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yeah i know..sorry bout that ill get some better pics when this shitty ass weather goes away.
is that 300 with ur hood. cause im going to need a new hood to put on it. also how would we do this? i dont really have a big nuff box to ship this i might can find one some how tho. lemme know either way.

i tried to pm u but it say u have to much u might wanna delte some.
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