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Rims- Opinions

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Well I should hear Monday on the welds I am looking at. But im just not sure what I need to do. Anyone else think that rim is one of the most important parts to the look of a truck? I can get a set of procomp rims fake bead locks for $500. Eagle 102's for about $600 or the Weld Velociti XT's for well lets just say over 1K. Im just not sure if the 1K+ is the way to go. Its more $$$ and they will look very bad ass, finish will last longer, easier to keep clean just about everything about them is better. Not to mention the way they look. So I wonder if putting a set of the cheap procomps or eagles on would make a big difference. All 3 rims are great looking, but im just up in the air to what I want to do. So I will ask everyones opinion...



Procomp Fake Bead Locks- Only pic I could find
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personally, i think any of the 3 would be fine, but you're right about the Welds. If you want a more blingy look then get the welds, thats the way im heading with my truck. However, i would not get the other 2 in a 17", but thats just me. I think anything over 16.5" is best left for the more street inspired wheels, for the most part.
I love my welds, so I vote welds. Hell I vote you buy mine from me this summer :crazy:
16's is what I am getting now since I got a pretty damn good deal on a set of 36-12.50-16 TSL radials...
The first ones. I know you like that bling look haha. Just dont get fake beadlocks...i think there gay.
lol... I dont like the procomps because they look like bead locks, but it adds alot to the rim IMO with something on the outside lip. Like the eagles have the same thing around the outside to just dess it up IMO... From the looks of it, if the weld deal goes through then welds it will be. I just needed some extra to go ahead and splurge and do it the way I want the first time around...
welds are overpriced IMO. save some cash cuz the other two look awesome as well.
Hey speaking of rims my welds have this kinda well im not sure what to call it so ill say stain. Kinda looks like a big waterspot or if you forget to spray the soap off your truck after washing and it leaves kinda mily or dull mark. Well thats what it looks like but i cant seem to get it off. All that ive tried is that eagle spray on wash off so i prob need to try some mothers rubbing compound or somthin but does anyone have any suggestions?

BTW i love my welds and i think they were worth the money. Look good + strong = shibby.
Well I ordered the rims today... 16x10 Eagle 102's

Should be here next week just in time for me to put the lift on. So ill post pics then...
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Yes sir... They couldnt get the welds so this was my only choice I liked in a 16x10...
Good choice on the Eagle 102's, they'll look sweet. The welds woulda looked nice, but over a grand is to expensive IMO
Nice choice. I love the Eagle Alloy 102s. Cant wait to get a set.

Im hoping they will be here the middle of the week and ill get the tries mounted and balanced then start on the install friday after work. Im damn excited for sure :head:
i'll stop by on my way home from college station and check out the finished product, or help you finish it :head: . If not i'm sure i'll see it when we hit the lake :head:
Yes sir :head:

The lake was nice today and will only get better :head: :head:
yes sir....pops said the cabin at p.k. is mine whenever i want it!
nice choice justin! you musta had a badass hookup. sorry i couldnt come through on the welds that you wanted, but you didnt give me enough time. i hope it all works out for you dude! :head:
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