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Road armor or similar winch bumpers NBS

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I need y'all's help on some Info guys. I had a fender bender on my truck and I'm going with the option for a bumper replacement instead of back stock. Truck is a 07 Classic 1500 NBS. Road armor does not make a bumper for this body or any NBS. Bumper that I have found that are very similar in style and available for this truck is Iron Bull, Trail Ready, Winch Ready. My question is about a 1500 HD or 2500 HD road armor. Does anyone know exactly how different they are as far as mounting? I know I'm not the first to run through this prob. And yes I searched but didn't find any answers to these questions. But not iron cross. there bumpers are flimsy on the ends and i dont think they could handle a winch. i dont like where the wrap on the sides either, real thick and hang out.
And if someone knows of another company that sells a bumper similar in style and all please let me know. Thanks.
the trail ready is my favorite but it's also $2100...
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ARB makes one but it may not be your style.
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