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Ever since you said.....

I would go with cutouts as they look good on some trucks and think that it would look good on yours since you have a Ranch Hand full replacement bumper. But I would get some more aggressive looking tires than the Nittos.
I have been thinkin about selling my 18"s and get a good set of 35" swampers of some sort. And go for a different look with the Rock Crawlers. I love my 18"s but they really don't fit theme of my truck now. With my big ass grill guard and my mounted high lift and shit they just doesn't match the truck anymore. Everyone loves the 18"s but I do to but I am just ready for a change but not sure at the moment. Everyone thinks I should just leave it alone, but when you put 35"s on there it just sets better and looks better.
I might regret it but not sure what to do.
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