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Rock Chips

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I've got a fair amount of rock chips in the hood of my tb. After a compound and polish it looks good except for the deeper scratches and chips of missing / diminished paint. Do I just apply touch up paint, wetsand it even with the rest and compound and polish? Does gm use a 2 stage or 1 stage paint on solid black vehicles? Do I need to clear over the touch ups?
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You can fill the rock chips with touch up, but there is not always going to be a solid adhesion just because your not able to "sand" the chip. I would fill, let sit and fill again usually. Then various grits of unigrit until I got it looking uniform. Its risky as you have no way of knowing the thickness of the paint without a paint gauge (one of my next "big" purchases). Without caution or just thin paint to begin with you could be sanding into the base coat. I always tell people its a daily driver and its going to get rock chips/light scratches there's really nothing you can do. I will sand out scratches and guarantee there gone, but I won't guarantee that a rock chip is gone for good.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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