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Rollpan Installed

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My brother (Bud1300) and I put the rollpan on today. The pan is just painted with duplicolor, but Bud wet sanded it and buffed and polished it out and it looks pretty good :rocking: ... I didn't want to get it welded in now, since I'm about to bag the back and have to buy my KP parts and Air Ride stuff.

We cut the tailpipes off at the hangers and I think for now I wil just put on some clamp on chrome turndowns.

You can't really see it in the picture, but where the girl hit me in my bumper there is a scratch and a small dent. I figure next income tax I will have the rollpan molded in and painted and the tailgate handle shaved.

Next mod is debadging the tailgate .. here is a photoshop of it, looks real nice :head:

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looks good man, i debaged my gate today, along with a few other minor mods :read:

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nice, looks like mine, until i get the SS cap painted
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