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Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit - Questions

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Just picked up a 2.5" Leveling kit for my 2012 Sierra. I am not extremely mechanically inclined, nor do I have a ton of experience working in vehicles. Feedback from anyone who has experience with this kit would be appreciated.
Here are my questions.

1. Kit says install time is 3-4 hours. I have seen people with install times of 2 hours. What was your experience?
2. I have tools and jack stands and such, but a guy down the street has a shop with a hoist, etc. He charges $50/hour for his time and the shop. Is it worth it to just get him to help?

Any help is appreciated.
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Are you serious. There are a 3737284838 threads on leveling a NNBS. It's a pretty damn simple install, almost as simple as the search button.
My bad. I didn't think to search before posting. That makes total sense now.
I didn't just search here. I looked around before posting. Just wanted some people's opinions. I guess there is always the guy who "didn't search" and always the guy who points it out instead of ignoring the thread.

I did my level in a few hours. Would of been much faster but I had to install a new upper. It's easy. Just take your time.
Thanks, Tommy.
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