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Rough Country Keys may be stupid question

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I have a 2000 2500LD 4x4 RCLB that i had to reframe due to an accident destroying my original frame. Before the accident I had cranked keys and fit 33x12.5x16.5 BFG A/T's on 16.5x9.75 weld typhoons with no rub. After swapping my motor, trans, most of body etc... over to this truck and cranking the keys the tires rub like no other. I even put a zone 1.5" body lift on the truck to run the 2500HD grill and they are still rubbing in the back. I hapen to have a set of Rough Country leveling keys that i had bought for my 1/2 ton i use to have but dont know if they will work. Everyone says the factory 1/2 green keys work but is that the same for the aftermarket keys? Like i said i know this may be a stupid question but I was looking on here and didnt find a super clear answere and with a pregnant wife at home i dont want to get the truck tore completely apart and realize im an idiot. thanks guys
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stock 1/2 ton keys lift 3/4 tons
So the 1/2 rough country keys will work to raise my 3/4 ton.


Like Brandon said, stock 1/2 ton keys. Not aftermarket keys.
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