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Rough idea?

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Hello everyone, I recently picked up an 08 crewcab 4x4 1500 on 33's with a 4.8 in it. I understand it is a 4.8 but this thing is slooowww so heres my plans for it below. What do you guys think it'll run in a 1/4 with the mods below?

4:56 gears

comp cam .522/.529

circle D 3200 stall

black bear tune or texas speed tune
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What are the specs of the cam you want at .50" lift? With 33s I'd say you would want a smaller torque cam especially in a 4.8. I'd say a comp 206/212 or 212/218 at max. The 206 gives a nice rough idle so you can almost tell its not stock. Also make sure you get longtube headers and ory. They really help out ls motors. Plus they are needed to really take advantage of the gains with your cam. Gear choice look good and wil l do the most for better performance. Rpm may be a bit higher on the highway however though. BB is very respected here but I would think tsp tune would work as well as there a reputable company. The stall is good if you don't plan to tow or off-road much. But many still tow with a 3200 and are fine. Looks like you are on track just research and learn all you can before bitin the bullet.

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Above mods will probably drop a tenth in the quarter at most. It's a heavy truck with a small motor. course there's always the 6.0 swap.............

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Yeah what is your budget? Turbo kit can easily break 5 grand though with good quality parts not cheap Chinese shit. Turbo involves upgrades to fuel system, intercooler, wastegate, trans, tune and more than likely rear end. A 6.0 will offer cheaper power and gobs of torque, important in a lifted truck; "there's no replacement for displacement". Build up your 60e and you'll be fine. Many guys run 10 bolts with 6.0 swaps, just be sensible. Yes the 4.8 is a good turbo platform but for his goals I'd stay n/a. If he doesn't like n/a then go turbo/supercharger later.

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Just go bolt ons, cam, tune and mild stall. See what you get after that. I think 13s would be possible but I'm no drag racing expert

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