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Rubicon Pictures and Video

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Working on video still so that may be a while but I've been uploading pics here:
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Damn Jason, that rim got :eek:wned: Nice pics, looks like you had a good time :D
Wow.. those rocks got :eek:wned: too! Very nice! :head: That last picture would make a really nice desktop background..
LOL... Your truck dwarfs your tow rig. I love that damn thing!
Nice pics Jason :rocking:

Looks like alot of fun
:rocking: :rocking: very cool!
Nice videos Jason

lol whats the guy doing at the end of one of those videos.. making noises like your steering or something :think:
willyswanter said:

:lol:I was watching the vid and about fell out of the chair when he did that:lol:

I love your videos. I wish more people took videos of there trucks and stuff. You can show pics and tell things that you did but there is nothing like a video IMO.
Glad you liked it cause it was me doing it :crazy:
Cool videos... looks like you had a good time. Oh yeah, you looked funny with that sweatshirt on :anitoof:
Woo hoooo... 1.67K/s ETA 1:18:31 ...first video on the way ! :pow:

Looks sweet out there, whats the story on the flat?
haha nice vids, did you bend your exo on the right side?
Awesome pics and vids....I now have a new background. Thanks! :D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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