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Running cable/wires through cab vents?

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So I am installing my strobe kit 6 head 90 watt and I am mounting the supply on the back wall of the cab. Is there any way i can run my 4 cable going to the rear of the truck through the cab vents on the back wall? Or is this a bad idea? It just seems better the drilling a hole in my floor and siliconing it. Thanks guys.
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could drill then use a gromet(sp). pm jaybo he knows his shit.
run it through a grommet in the firewall then down by the kick panels and under the carpet and up to the back wall :imo
I am going to mount the strobe supply in the back of the cab. I only have 15 foot cables (from the strobe supply to the strobe heads) running to the back so I need to run them out of the back of the cab to reach it.
buy a firewall bushing from an audio place and use that on the back of your cab instead of a grommet :imo
There are metal grommets all over the cab floor, just look under the carpet. Find one in a reasonable spot, drill a hole in the grommet, run the wire through, good to go :shake:
i ran my strobe wires through those vents.. it was easy and didnt cost a thing. i have had them for about a month with no problems. there is no need to drill holes and buy some grommets even though they are cheap its just a hassel you dont need to deal with.
why not just run it in the right location through the firewall grommet like I show how to in the sticky?
because the cables for the strobe lights aren't long enough.
yeah mine weren't long enough either
unless you extend the cables you have to run through the back
I feel ya
make them longer, shit seriously takes less than 5min to do the right way,

cut, strip, solder, shrink tube, done...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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