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Running out to options

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Good morning everyone,
I have a 2011 GMC Yukon Denali. A few months ago my truck started having shifting issues. When I come to a red light the RPMs will fluctuate, and eventually settle down. But when I take off the rpm’s will go up but not the speed and slowing down the truck will slow down smoothly but feels like it’s having problems going into 1st gear. Reverse to drive is a hard or delayed or hard shift same thing happens when you go from drive to reverse. I have changed out the air filter, throttle position or sensor the fluid on the transmission. Multiple times. I still need to do another fluid change out because it’s still coming out pretty dark I’ve changed out the spark plugs the wires I’ve unplugged the ECM and TCM I have no idea what else this could possibly be I’ve cleaned up the fuel injectors changed out the fuel vapor canister. Anyone else had this issue before and know what’s going on or knows what I should do?
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Unfortunately by the time your fluid starts changing color, the damage is already done. Sometimes you can get lucky and limp it for a while by changing the fluid, but the reason it gets dark is from clutch material that has worn off and is in the fluid instead of where it needs to be.
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