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Running wires firewall

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I have a 04 silver and need to know the best way to run wires I'm installing my radar det and there is no room to drill a hole. i don't want to probe thru a boot possibly setting off a airbag, that would be painful $$$$$$,
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if you have a standard you can drill where the cluth would normally go
Why not just tap off the fuse box on the left side of the dash? The 25 amp grey windsheild wiper fuse would be fine for a switched ignition source

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My radar det has a head unit that mounts in the grill or bumper and I have about 3 wires to run back to the control mod under the dash,
I will try the Hovis idea sounds like it will work. do you go thru the middle or the top of the wire harn, the small one or the large one on top. it's tighter than fish butt
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