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I really am not sure on prices guys... i am going to start higher are you guys offer, becuase I am not sure... I am located in the middle of nebraska

I really need money for college, and now that I live in a different college town I barely get to use either...

88 Samurai $3.5-4K??

45K miles
5 speed
The dealer told me tranny mods possibly? not sure?
runs perfectly every time
cherry bomb exhaust
31" MTs
matching spare tire
larger shackles for lift
matte black
half done exo cage
9K winch
4.57 gears
locker in rear
exterior attachments for shovel, pick axe and sledge hammer
fog lights
gutted interior and plastic seats for easy clean out (and a created hole in floor board so water can drain out but it can be covered as well)
nice soft top
no rust
probably more stuff

1978 Ford F-350.... $3.5K??

The desired D-60 axle that everyone wants for SASing chevys
5.13 gears set up perfect
rear detroit locker
rear D-60
nearly brand new 39.5 Super Swamper Irok Bias Ply (only 20 miles on them TOPS) (maybe only 5 street driven?)
flat bed
new shocks
400ci engine
good tranny
runs perfect
beastmode, but simple front bumper
kind of rollbar/headache rack
chevy 4" lift springs
shortened frame
tube doors and original doors
and no title... what do I do about that? can I get a rebuilt title? or just part it out?
probably more....

these are for sure sorta too... hit me an offer

2001 2500 silverado... lots done 84K

1965 mustang with 351w, air shocks, bullet rims, cutouts, 4 other mufflers that come with it, drives incredible, not many miles on the new 351 installed in 2001

if you guys can help me with prices, that would be awesome too

thanks guys

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That mustang obviously didnt come with that 351 stock right?

Overall specs on the engine?

Any idea how much you want for it? Pics of interior and under hood?
no it was installed when my grandma and I purchased it... it was installed back in 2001 so it cannot have too many miles on it... I have a record of everything that has been done so I can look all that up too

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