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Screenshot anybody?

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That's shitty. I ordered some stuff from them about a month ago and they didn't give me any updates about my order status. When I ordered, I got the confirmation email saying I would get another email when the package ships, but that never came. It had been a week since I ordered and my status on their website still said it was processing. I was about to get pissed and call them and ask what was holding up the order but then it just showed up to my door one day. Since I just gave you over $100 of my money I'd at least like to know where my package is. I like the products, but apparently they have some poverty customer service

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Sorry for taking so long to update you all. I have tried to type it all out on my phone but it froze, and I lost it all.

So anyway, I called SCG on Thursday and I was transferred to Carrie and I told her that I had some new & unused product that I would like to return and get my money back. She asked why and I explained that I do not want to use this product, and also due to your business decisions. I was then told that their business decisions have no bearing on the product and that they still work the same, which obviously they do! But I still want to return them predominately since I just haven't used them in two months. I was given the option to ship them back at my expense and then once they were received she would see what she could do to help me.

The next day I called back again and decided I did want to return the stuff but since I am close enough to them to drive I would rather take them in person and handle the refund same day, seems simple, right? So I was transferred to Matt, VP of SCG. Explained my situation again but this time letting him know I had found another company that I wanted to use, also I wanted to bring them up in person. He asked me to email a list of what I wanted to return and why, which I did. His response was that I would be able to bring them up in person however my money would be refunded in 2-3 weeks and the brand new pad that is sealed in the package is not returnable along with towels.

I called him, and was met with a standoffish attitude. Questioned again why I wanted to return these items. I told him flat out that 2-3 weeks is not going to fly. I am well aware how credit card processing works, as I use it at work daily. I want to return my items in person and I want a check cut at that moment. He said that they aren't a store and really started being condescending and outright rude. I told him I know you are a major corporation and I get that you may not have cash on hand, but I know damn well someone can write me a fkn check! We went back and forth until the point we were yelling back and forth, I said I wanted to speak to someone above him, Tim to be exact! He told me that he is the CEO of them company and doesn't have time to deal with me, the policy is the policy! I am apparently the only one in the history of their company that has had an issue with it, after which he hung up on me!

I called back immediately and was transferred to Carrie (Tim's Daughter) and she told me that I was not going to be able to get around Matt and the policy and that I had no choice. From there she also tried telling me that they are not a store, which I find odd to me as they do sell product? Apparently she has herself returned items to retailers and its taken over a month to get refunded. I got pissed and told her that this was not going to fly, i will be bringing the stuff back and I want a refund in 2 business days or I will be filing a credit card dispute on their supposed money back guarantee. Which is right when she told me "well that just goes to show what kind of person you are, a liar" Told her to have a nice day and hung up.

I emailed Tim Miller, the man himself. I got a much more pleasant response. He agreed that 2-3 weeks is way excessive. He explained their return policy, apparently they do not get many returns and they get processed manually, which twice a month refund checks are sent out. I was offered to schedule a meeting with Karienne, she would process the check and would have it waiting for me to pick up.

I am still blown away by the incompetence that runs SCG, I do not know if Tim is hands off or what? I have never had the experience that I did with Matt and Carrie with any retailer or vendor I have ever dealt with. I'm a pissed off customer, with what I feel are not unreasonable demands that I expect you to fix. We are talking about brand new product, not half empty crap. Also after my exchange with Matt and or Carrie, my account was deleted from their forum more than likely to prevent the spread of how I was treated.

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I had heard they fired him as soon as the SCG pro-line came out. sounds to me like they used him
not "as soon"

They fired him last week, pro line been out for a while now
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