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Solid axle '01 Tahoe/'03 Sierra/'18 Silverado
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Needing to know how the electrics work.

2001 Tahoe.

Here's how I understand it, correct where I've got it wrong.

The front differential actuator motor, it engages and disengages one axle shaft. Utilizing the spider gears to effectively disconnect the wheels from the transfer case.

When it's in "Auto 4wd"
The Front driveshaft is already engaged to the case. And the controller takes ABS wheel speed signal and when it interprets low traction it engages the front diff motor on and off as it sees fit.

The Front diff motor is 2 wires as i understand it.

Here's where my understanding ends.

Those 2 wires:
1) is it like a power window motor where the polarity switches to engage and disengage?

2) does it somehow have something like a return spring, and just needs power to engage, and when power is removed it disengages?

Also, what does the computer look for to avoid a "service 4wd" light? Continuity? Resistance? A specific returning signal?

Thanks in advance, if I can get these answered it'll really help my project.
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