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2009 sierra was in a mild front collision. bags and belts were replaced and module sent in for reset.

With everything plugged in, SRS lamp was still lit and Snap-On scanner detected 4 codes, one being the dreaded 51 code. As I understand it, the scanner cannot clear any soft codes of the 51 is present?

I am also told a new SDM would need to be programmed for the VIN? Someone else said it is not really the VIN, just that year, make, and model? This truck has WT trims with single stage bags so not sure if the modules are set for this or if 1 stage and 2 stage are the same at the module level?

My biggest concern is while messing with this, we could have an accidental deployment of the new bags? However, some reading said that the bags might also have their own G sensors so the frontal G sensor and the bag sensors would have to exceed their threshold PLUS the module will need to be outputting deployment voltage to the bags?

I am further told that once an SDM is in service and programmed, it cannot be reprogrammed for anything else? IE, I may have no choice but to order a new module and have a guy reprogram for the vehicle?
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