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Seat memory?????

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Hi.... My 03 Sierra has memory seats. I can set the positions and they will work fine for a week or so.
The the seat starts losing the positions only on the Exit mode. When you shut the key off and remove the key from ignition the seat goes to a position for exiting, it only forgets this mode.

I would think it would forget both the modes.....confused.
Anyone had this problem?

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my g/f TB has memory seats. BIGGEST POS EVER!!!! it's just one more thing to fuck up, and trust me they do, i used to work at a stealership and i swear to god once a week someone would come in with problems with them. but on to your problem, either take it to the stealership and have them diagnose the problem, or turn off the exit mode. unless you are 5'3" and sit ontop of the steering wheel you should have no problems getting out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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