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Seat question.

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Is it possible to remove just the middle seat, I have 03 Silverado single cab WT(Work Truck) with the two bucket styled seats with the seat like in the middle and the top wont fold down or anything, is it possible to remove that middle seat ONLY, I got great plans if you can just remove that middle part.
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i don't see why not, i'm sure it mounts the same as the folding center seat. remove both your seats using 11mm and 15mm sockets and it should lift right out.
Yes you can remove it, I removed my 40/20/40 Seats and installed 6 way power leather buckets.
Yes you have to remove both seats to remove the center. It takes 11mm and 15mm Sockets and about 30 minutes, not to bad.
yulp, I already got it out, built a console out of wood, and its at the upholsetery job getting black leather put on it :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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