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Im watching Unique Whips right now and they used the SEM spray on the interior pieces. Ive been looking for something better than the dupli-color crap. So Im guessing since they use this stuff it should be pretty good then?
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From what I have read on, or maybe here, this is the stuff that a lot of people use and recommend
SEM die is good for pillars and small panels. The key is prep. I wouldn't spray my whole dash or door panels like I've seen from Unique Whips. That stuff will scratch off in time. Real upholsters cover the dash.:read:
Yeah Im wanting to use it on the small trim pieces behind the seat and around the headliner. I fucked up and used the dupil-color on EVERYTHING in my Honda. I did the armrest first and it never chipped or peeled for 4 months so I figured Id do the rest. Well the armrest is hard plastic, the dash and eveything else isnt. Two days later everything but that armrest want to peel if you look at it to hard. I learned my lesson with that.
for the price that Unique charges, you'd think they would pull the dash and smooth and paint it instead of just going over it with a rattle can.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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