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Wife and I were cruising along and noticed the temp in the rear view mirror wasn't working. Look down and the airbag light is on. When I bought the YD in February I had the same issue and it was just a blown fuse. Replaced the fuse back then and all has worked without an issue until tonight. Fuse was blown. Replaced fuse and temp/compass now fuse isn't blown/blowing, but the airbag light stays on and i get "service air bag" message in DIC. Anyone have an issue such as this? Is there a module I should replace?


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mine was just going off and my horn didnt work.. It was a air bag coil inside the steering wheel. Replaced under warrenty

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wow they did not void that due to your tune???

good to know!

Mr. 960

90% of the time dealerships do not look to see if it has been tuned especially for something as small as that...

When they look its mostly a blown engine/transmission problem that they will check.....had a company truck (ford f-250 6.0) that blew the head gaskets and they never said a word

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How would they know?...
They can plug into the truck w/ a computer and check settings.

A tune wouldn't void an airbag problem anyway. Only engine and transmission

oh and I had service airbag light and it ended up being a faulty door sensor that I hit with my foot when getting in my truck. It was replaced under warranty
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