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Service ride control

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a couple months ago i installed sum bilsteins in the front of my 2000 gmc yukon slt with the autoride and the service ride control kept flashing in the service center box in the instrument cluster. it didnt bother me until now and it bothers the shit out of me. when i replaced the shocks i took off the sensor that attached to the stock ones so i know this is the problem. but how do i go about bypassing this sensor so i can keep running the new bilsteins and not have this stupid flashing "service ride control". if anybody knew i would appreciate it. thnx
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I dont think you can, because I have the same issue with my suburban, and dealer said your not able to bypass it...
Haha the dealer is full of shit.

One 25-watt, 3.9Ω resistor parked just in front of each connector, and...Bada Boom! No more "Service Ride Control" greeting you every time you fire up the truck. Should there ever be a need to return the truck to stock, the resistors can be easily removed.

thnx this helps so much:rocking:
Thanks Matt. :shake: I'm still running my factory's but when those wear out I want to go to some Ranchos. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend $350 a shock from GM!:flame:
For some reason I can't open up that link..Any pics will be greatly appreciated.
Yes I joined but can't seem to log in after validating my email.
Yes I joined but can't seem to log in after validating my email.
Wierd - send an email to [email protected]

It's an awesome site, packed with Denali specific information.

PM'd you back.
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