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set of 2wd stockers

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Well soon enough it'l be raining here in cali in the months to come and I'm starting to look for a set of stock wheels and tires to roll during the winter....let me know what ya got.

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ive got the ones from my truck, p255/70R16s that are the chevy wheels taht come on the Z71s or LTs....less than 1/2 tread but wheels are in great shape, im in san luis obispo, ill meet you for pickup halfway or maybe we can work it out if you come to pismo or somethin, id like to get like 250 for them but ill take wat i can get, let me know if you are intrested.

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im trying to get rid of my stockers off my 2003 silverado and they have 18,xxx miles on them... im looking for $150 for wheels and tires $200 with the spare added on... im about 4 hours from fresno, but im willing to meet half way...
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