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Severely overfilled me a little concerned...

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Today I was doing all the fluid changes on my 94 and the last thing I did was the tcase. After looking at the model number I found it to be a 241-C model which supposedly holds 2.25 quarts (4.5 pints).

After finding the drain plug and fill plug I figure I'd check the level and even see if it needs to be changed. Pull the fill plug and around 2 quarts of fluid came out :flame: :flame: :flame: .

After a little cleanup I pull the drain plug to get the 2.25 quarts that is supposed to be in there out.

For 1, how the hell did that much fluid get in there? The dealer was the last one to change the fluid and that was done at 75k...I'm at 180k now. I couldn't find any fill plugs higher than the one I knew of.

Anything I need to worry about with it having been filled that high? I rarely use 4wd anyhow...maybe once a week or so. The fluid was clean and not burnt. The tcase always seemed noisy to me but has never given me problems....starting to wonder if it is noisier than it should be possibly due to the extreme overfill.

Sorry for the long post...Cameron
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I doubt its a problem. Only thing i can think of that could happen would be the seals getting leaky when it gets warm. Theres not much in there to break anyway. Mine hasn't been in 4x4 for a long time, can't remember what it sounds like :crazy: Maybe they turned your truck on its side to get it all in...

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:LOL:...ok, sounds like everything is ok.

Thanks guys...Cameron
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