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Shackle and 2/4 Question.

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Hopefully this will be my last thread on this topic.
I've decided that in a few weeks I'm going to lower my truck.
I don't like the look of it now, since it's raised in the back.
So my first question is if I were to get 2" shackles, how would they be installed.
It would be me and my dad doing them, and from looking at the stock shackles, it seems like there are only 2 bolts holding them on.
Where would I need to place the stands and jack it up from to relieve the tension is my question.

Next, I'm considering doing a 2/4" drop.
The shackles being 2", would I use 2" hangers to get the 4" drop in the rear?
Then for the front, what is the best method? I've heard to get drop spindles, but it seems like they're around 200 dollars or more for the pair.
Is there a more inexpensive way of doing this?

Finally, my front tires are currently rubbing on my inner fenders.
Not bad at all, and only with I have the wheels turned all the way in or out.
If I were to lower it 2" in the front, how much worse will it make this?

Thanks for any help, hopefully this will be my last thread until I get the truck lowered.
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Give me a call and we can go over your questions.
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