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Shackle installation

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How hard is it to install shackles? I wanna install them on my OBS if its pretty easy. What do you have to do? Any help would be appreciated.
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Real easy.

Use jack stands on each side of the frame.

Put the jack lift under the pumpkin (rear axle)

lift it just enough to get the tension off the leafs.

then unbolt the two bolts from the shakle. (Lower bolt first then top.)

Install the new Shackle same way the stock one is.

Dont tighten the bolts untill you remove jack stands and lower truck back down.

then Hand tighten the bolts when the truck is level. Dont over tighten to avoid sqeeks. Or you can slap on some grease on the shakles.

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Ya, what He ^^^ said.

But when he means to take the tension off the bolts, you have to find the exact point my raising and lowering the axle with the jack to find the point where there is No Bind.
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