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Shackle Squeak

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I installed some DJM two inch drop shackles not too long ago (on my RCSB GMC). They worked fine at first, but then after a little bit of driving I noticed some squeaking (or squawking...I'm not sure how to describe it) when the truck would flex (and I'm not talking anything major, just small stuff: i.e. turning in and out of my driveway, some steep parking lot entrances, etc.). When you rock the truck sideways, you can hear it really bad. I remember reading somewhere that half the problems with the shackles are that you tighten them too tight. So I got out my wrench and socket and went to work...problem solved...for a little bit. This has been an on going problem, which is solved for a little bit when I loosen the shackles some more, but comes back soon after. Well, I've gotten to the point, where I'm afraid to loosen them anymore and I still have a minor case of the squeaking. Is this normal? Do I have a bad set of shackles? Is there any way to solve this?

Sorry for the really long post. Also, I've held off posting this problem for a little bit, because I thought I read a solution to it somewhere on this site. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find that post (if it even exsists). If this has been answered before, could someone please direct me to that post? Thanks in advance :bowtie:
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First off...I want to say thanks for all your help. I love how this community just steps right in and tries to help solve a member's problems. You guys rock :gmfs:

Second off, I want to apologize for being away (and not responding), but between a full time job, trouble with Johnny Law, and a slight girl problem, it's been hectic to find time to post here.

Now...on to the topic at hand. I've been really fed up with this shackle shit for a while now, so today I tried to see if I could solve this problem (with the help of y'all suggestions). With my last go, I think I loosened the bolts too much, which caused the shackles to rock back and forth (like when you stop or turn). I grabbed some grease and went to work at trying to get it all lubed up the best I could (without having to take the shackles off...since they are a bitch on a stepside). I think it helped a little, but I don't think the shackles were the main problem. I think the squak actually is coming from where the leaf springs are hooked together. I sprayed a little WD-40 and sure enough it silenced the squeak. So, then I went after it with some heavy-duty grease to see if it will stay silent for very much longer. So as of right squak..which is good, but I'm just wondering when it will come back.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help...GMFS is a great place to be :rocking:
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