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shifting help 4X4

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ok so this is mt first 4x4 so be nice plz! how to i put my 89 1500hd silverado into 4high and 4low i got it into 4 high once by luck, so i know it works but never into 4low whats the trick? ive heard you have to back up 30ft or some crazy shit like that. i just would like to know the prefered method before i break somthing. its a 700r4 auto trans 4x4 dont know what transfercase.

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You should be able to shift into 4HI "on the fly." This means that at any reasonable speed, you can shift into 4x4. To shift into 4LO, you need to be stopped with the trans shifter in neutral. Then push the shifter into 4LO. If it doesn't want to go in, try letting the truck roll (in neutral) a couple feet and try again.
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