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ok, i did a search, theres like 4000 threads about this, but i think i might have a problem.

i kinda test fitted everything for my flip kit, and i have two shock extenders, but i'm really confused. my shock extenders are U shaped, with a couple of holes about mid way and a couple at the open end of the U, with one hole in the flat part across the bottom. does that make anty sence? so how the hell do i bolt that up? the bolts that came with it to bolt the shock seem kinda skinny. they dont fit real tight in the holes. should i get some fatter bolts? or could i just use the stock shock bolts?

anybody have any pics of the shock extenders on a NBS? also, both of my belltech nitro drop shocks appear to be the same length, so does it matter which one goes on which side?
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