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Should I have kept it?

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Hey fellas! Here's a shot of my old 99 GMC Sierra that I sold about a 1 year ago, and that I miss very much. Thought I would throw a picture of it out on the internet for it's existance. I hope the guy I sold it too has got it posted some place, because it deserves to be seen. Here's a list of the major mods (I can include more pictures if you guys would like to see them for ideas:

Wynjammer 6 psi supercharger, HPP3, Volant, MagnaFlow exhaust, MB Quart speakers with JL Audio subs - amplified by Fozgate and MTX, APC Speedglos, everything painted to match, Boyd Timeless 6 (18"<- I know should've been larger), Belltech 2/4 with NitroActive shocks, and billet everything else.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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