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im looking for pictures of NBS fenders that have been trimmed, wondering how you trimmed the rear of the wheelwell, the plastic liner and the metal.

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we done rebelmuds, it wasnt bad just cut everything you need to clear your tires and then if you must crank your t bars more.... its not nearly as noticeable as you think it will be when your cutting on your rig

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Here ya go Josh...Awhile back, I PM'd Brandon (BDZ71) for a write up did on trimming his fenders. Here is a copy of what he sent me...hope this helps you and others out :D :handshake

BDZ71 said:
Heres the pics and a little how to to.
Wrote this as a "how to" a long time ago so it is worded like that lol.. you would not beleve how many people have used it, I sure would not have when I first wrote it.
Trimming you Fenders to gain a little extra clearance over those big tires while turning is done by many and hardly noticeable if done right.

(note: GMFS is not responsible for any damage to you or your truck. This is not a hard job to do but you are cutting metal that can not be put back on the truck. So thing twice and cut once)

To get started:
Turn your tires in the opposite direction of the fender you are working on to give you a little added room. (Turn them to the right if you are working on the driver sided, left if you are on the pass. side). Jack stands could be used and remove the front tires but personally I think there is more than enough room to work with the tires turned as stated above. (APPLY the parking brake.. Cant enjoy your better clearance if you are flat)

Pop the push pins out of the fender liner and pull the fender liner out of the way to give you access to the inside of the fender.
I found it best to take masking tape and tape off the line I was wanting to cut (tape on truck side to help prevent scratching if you get a little out of control lol)
This picture show the line I cut (note: not everyone will need to cut this much and some might decide to cut a little more)
I took as much as I thought I would need the first time so I would not have to go and do this all over again.

Now carefully make your cut. You can use any cutting tool that will get in there. Sawzall, Dremel, hacksaw etc. Just make sure you cut where you want to because once it is gone it is gone. Take your time.

Here is a look at what the chunk should look close to once removed


You are not done yet but that was the hard part because that is what people can see.

Above the part you just cut (in the fender) you will see a part of the fender that runs from the ground up. Starting at the piece you just removed and out to where that part once was.
This section also needs to be tapered down to where you just cut to make the fender liner lay nicely and to keep the tire from hitting this.
I do not have a picture of this but you will see what I am talking about once you get in there.

Smooth down the new cuts with some sand paper (or leave them the way they are if you want)
Tape off the area and paint (rattle can is fine or tough up paint will work) to keep the exposed metal from rusting.
you will notice that where you cut the fender there is now a void between the fenders where mud/water can collect.
I highly recommend going down to the hardware store and picking up some Silicone caulk that is made to stick to metal (like for gutters) and filling this hole. Would not want to have a nice rust hole in your fender a few years down the road would you?

Let the paint and caulk dry and pull the fender liner back with the original push pins and ziptie it tight where you just cut.

Stand back and look at your handy work.

Here is the section you just removed

All fixed up ready to ride

Look at all the new clearance I gained ***** ALSO note how I pulled back the fender liner in this picture to give more room.

See that wasn't to hard. And now you have more clearance to keep that tire from rubbing.. yep, tire.. Now go do the other side.

If all went well unless you point it out to someone, nobody will ever know!


As you can see here in another pic

it gives you more room plus you cant really tell unless you know what your looking for

Here is the airdam

Hope that helps


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Put that in a sticky or how to.... That's some good info that a lot of people are constantly looking for...
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