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Sierra HD bumper swap-help

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I took the front bumper off my 2009 1500 and was ready to do the HD swap.

I read all about the Silverado swap and assumed (stupid, I know) the bumpers/brackets were the same...well they're not! So my 1500 bumper went back on.

I found one thread about having to cut the bracket on the actual bumper bracket and rewelding it. I have been searching and searching to see if there is a way to do the swap without welding. I have read different guys saying they "slotted" the 1500 brackets but i just dont see how that would work. There isnt much bracket left to slot.

I would like to keep my 1500 upper cap as well since i dont watn to do the HD grill.

Can someone help me out with a picture or even directions on how to slot the Sierra brackets?

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I just trimmed the bracket that bolts to the frame so that it could sit lower. Then using the side supports I opened up the holes that go to the truck frame so the sides have support still.
I notched those a little bit like you have shown and then on the front part im pretty sure I trimmed so it could sit down lower. I did the swap back in april can't remember exactly.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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